Bella's Custom Shawls 
and Raw Fleeces 

All of the following shawls are examples, 
and have gone on to live with their new owners ;-)

     "Independence"   -    - this is a hamilton plaid, made from one fleece - 
combed top, 2 ply in a plain weave... dyed by hand,  
the white was the natural color of the wool, 
actually it's more of an ivory...
this shawl was incredibly cozy...  $420


"Dee" - is a double seven foot shawl...
lockspun from a single fleece in two ply natural colored yarn,
no fringe, by request.... 
twill pattern, very soft and warm - $500



"Clansy"    -  is a seven foot shawl with a tasselled fringe - 
two ply, lockspun, from a single  naturally colored jacob fleece - 
basket weave... very soft and warm.... $250

The shawl on the loom behind "Clansy" is not finished, but it's a naturally colored lighter weight seven foot shawl which will have a fringe... it is  doublewoven in singles in a twill weave, so uses approximately 1200 yards of yarn, and is done in combed top and using the MacAlister tartan pattern 


 "Eve"  - this shawl was made from combed top, 
all the same fleece, but using the natural color and an overdyed yarn as well... 
two plyed, plain weave, checkerboard pattern - 7 ft with a fringe.... $410



"Rainbow" and "SeaFoam"- these shawls were done using other peoples'  yarn, and were $150....



"Oregon Coast" was also  some one else's handspun, and had a beaded fringe...$150


Each shawl is made to your specifications, 

and includes your choice of  naturally colored or hand dyed, handspun wool as well as design....

each is individually handwoven as well -  a one of a kind gift..... allow 6-8 wks  per shawl.


Bella's Wedding


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