About Us....

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We are a Christian homeschooling family located in Holmes County, Ohio... 

(the heart of Amish Country)...We have  been blessed with seven children, 

all of whom have been  in one way or another involved in our little homesteading adventure...

Dave, (the head of our household) enables us 
by working in the city and paying the bills...  :-)

God willing, one day, we'll be able to bring him home too...

If you are interested in our sheep, or a visit to our farm, 

please write or give us a call... Thanks for visiting! :-) 

only by His merciful grace - 

Dave, Rachel, Marion, John, Ariel, Tyrus, Sardis, Tirzah, and Kuno



you can email us by writing to: 

racheladrienne at LambzOwn.com 

to prevent spam, this is no longer a clickable link, 
just substitute the @ symbol for the word at above 
and run it all together.   sorry for the inconvenience... 



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