SummaryThe Synod of Dort
The Synod of Dort was a response to and sought to address heresies of Arminians who were represented by The Remonstrants. The group of 86 people from 8 countries took 3 months to examine and 3 months to agree to a response. A rejection of Synergism resulted and Joe briefly overviews these with abundant Scriptural support for Monergism.
PreacherJoe Conkle
ScripturesRom 8:30
Eph 1:4-6
Acts 13:48
Rom 9:11-18,11:6
John 17:6,15:16,6:39
2 Tim 1:9
1 John 4:10
Num 22:19, Deut 10:14-15
Call to worship
Corporate Confession
Confession of Faith